It is important to develop in your child the ability to take the right decisions. But it is more important to develop in him the courage to face life when decisions go wrong.

Sudha Gupta – Positive Parenting

A practical toolkit for parents

We offer child-centred parenting classes which deliver a ‘toolkit’ of simple but effective skills enabling you to be the parent you want to be.

Our parenting classes are offered within a supportive and engaging environment which encourages parents/carers to enhance existing parenting skills whilst offering practical techniques which build their own, and their children’s, self-confidence.

Parenting is the most challenging and important job any of us undertake. We each endeavour to find a way that works for us with our children, discovering our strengths and learning from our mistakes along the way.

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What do our clients gain from parenting classes?

In the pressure and rush of daily life the relationship between us and our children can become dominated by what has to be achieved, turning parenting into a chore and daily interactions into a battleground.

Whatever the age of your child, from toddler to teen, changing the way we do what has to be done can make a big difference. By focusing on the relationship between you and your child, we enable you to develop and practice skills that offer creative solutions to parenting dilemmas.

What do your children gain from your engagement with a parenting training?

We aim to help you put more of the fun and joy back into your interactions with your children whilst enabling you to set boundaries and achieve realistic outcomes. As you gain insight into the trigger points in your own family, your growing calmness and confidence provides an environment for your children to increase their own confidence, flexibility and resilience.

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