1 day Intensive Parenting Course


The 1 day Intensive Parenting Course comprises two sessions, morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch. The course covers two crucial aspects of parenting and all attendees will also get a copy of ‘REAL PARENTING FOR REAL KIDS‘ by Melissa Hood who is a director and the founder of The Parent Practice.

Communicating with Children: Encouraging Cooperation and Confidence (morning session)

Advanced communication skills are necessary for parents to forge strong bonds and build trust with children, to encourage cooperation and to build confidence. We show parents easy techniques for talking to children to encourage them to listen, cooperate and be motivated. We distinguish ways of acknowledging children’s good behaviour so that what we say is meaningful, credible and actually taken on board by children, so that it is really effective in building strong self-esteem and encouraging good behaviours. We also look at listening skills which encourage children to talk to us and emotion coaching skills which help children learn to identify, understand and manage their emotions. Emotionally literate children form better relationships and achieve better academic outcomes at school and it’s much easier to live with someone who knows how to deal well with their feelings.

Positive Discipline (afternoon session)

Building on the morning session we will explore how to set up and uphold effective rules and routines encapsulating our own values and how to respond effectively to unwanted behaviours. This session provides parents with an opportunity to think about their parenting in a mindful and purposeful way and reflect on those values that are important to them and why. It then looks at how to communicate and pass on these values to children. It explores how to set boundaries and to uphold them in a positive way without being over constraining or inhibiting individuality.

Many parents find disciplining their children one of the hardest things to do. They often feel they swing from being too lenient to overly harsh. We teach parents ways of achieving a balance so that they can be both positive and firm at the same time. We address the reasons for inappropriate behaviour and how to respond effectively when children don’t behave well. This session looks at how to teach children how to behave appropriately without fear, humiliation or squashing their spirit.


£130 per person

(£110 per person couple/two friends discount)

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  • Saturday 2nd May 10am – 4pm

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